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EEG neurofeedback and HEG technologies to effectively and safely train the brain

What is EEG neurofeedback?

Braincinema's neurofeedback records the electrical activity that neurons produce when they'fire' or depolarize, the resultant brainwaves are then analysed by the frequency (Hertz) and amplitude (uV or microvolts) to assess whether specific brain regions are optimally processing information.  Real time feedback is provided to help the client reward or inhibit specific brainwaves to improve cortical regulation  and to restore optimal mental functioning.

Braincinema was set up in 2002 by Dr Stephen Brown who has more than 30 years experience with children and adults with disabilities.  Dr Brown received his neurofeedback training and accreditation from the EEG Institute, California in the late 90's and has been providing professional EEG assessment and training since the company's beginning.
EEG (electroencephalography) and HEG (Hemeoencephalography) technologies have, for some time, been used to treat a variety of conditions that involve cortical dysregulation that compromises mental wellbeing and effective brain processing mechanisms.  EEG is used to help treat attention difficulties (ADD/ADHD), Autism (ASD), Learning disabilities, Traumatic stress disorder, Anxiety and a variety of other performance inhibiting conditions that relate to work or school environments. Sports professional who may be concerned about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) may find this technique particularly invaluable when needing to assess their brain's functional state of health before any permanent structural brain changes can be seen.  Performance artists and sports professionals can be helped to better manage performance anxieties and improve fine and gross motor behaviour with EEG training.
EEG and HEG neurofeedback is entirely safe and non-invasive and assessments & subsequent training can be carried out in the comfort of the client's own home. 
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